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A 24-hour theater marathon awaits residents of Gabrovo on September 29 and 30 /PROGRAM/

A 24-hour theater marathon awaits residents of Gabrovo on September 29 and 30 /PROGRAM/

The first event of its kind in the city is organized by the “Little Theater Company” on the occasion of its 10th anniversary

On September 29 and 30, the pilot edition of the 24-hour marathon with various theatrical forms, called “Theatre-24”, will take place in the spaces of the Racho Stoyanov Drama Theater in Gabrovo. The reason for the event is the 10th anniversary of the creation of the “Small Theater Company”, which invites the residents of Gabrovo and the guests of the city to join in the peculiar celebration from 6 pm on Friday to 6 pm on Saturday.

The program mixes popular theater genres with those that are little known to local audiences. An integral part of the marathon are the interactive performances and attractions, creative meetings, workshops and workshops, where the audience can touch the magic of the theater. Already established theater formations and individual artists from all over the country participate in the event. The initiative is implemented in partnership with the Drama Theater “Racho Stoyanov” and with the financial support of the “Culture” program of the Gabrovo municipality.

For the first time, the new theater space in Gabrovo will be presented during the marathon – the “Underground” stage. In addition to the stages of the Drama Theater, the marathon also takes over non-standard spaces such as corridors, lobbies, technical areas and the outdoor spaces around the theater.

The 24-hour marathon is a new cultural format for the city and the region, aiming to present the theater in a different light – as a joyful celebration in which artists and audience build the overall event together.

The start of “Theatre-24” will be given on Friday, September 29, at 6 p.m., in the lobby of the Drama Theater and will end on September 30 at 6 p.m. on the Big Stage. Dimitar Ivanov-Capitana, Ha-ha-ha impro, Replica Theatre, Tigran Torosyan, Art Land Theatre, Male-male Theatre, VR Lab, Racho Stoyanov Drama Theater and Malka Theater Company will take part.

“Our aspiration, together with our partners, is to organize a colorful theater celebration that will become an annual event in the city’s cultural calendar. We chose this format, as it gives us the opportunity to actively involve young people in order to show them that theater is not a boring, outdated, elitist art,” says Emil Yordanov from “Malka Theater Company”.

“I think that the marathon is an excellent way to start the new theater season and to awaken the interest of the audience in the theater art after the summer vacation period. We are happy that we can delight the Gabrovo audience with this different and inspiring event,” explains Petko Koichev, director of the “Racho Stoyanov” Drama Theater.

To enable more people to join the theater marathon even at night, the organizers provide a free theater bus. The route and night schedule will be posted on the Facebook event:

Access to the performances and activities in the program is free.

“Theatre-24” is realized with the financial support of the Municipality of Gabrovo under the program “Culture”, 2023, priority “Creative experience and socialization of spaces”.

“Little Theater Company” is an independent organization working in the field of performing arts. It was created by four friends from NATFIZ, in love with theatrical magic and the nature of our beautiful planet. These are director Emil Yordanov and puppet actors Desislava Yordanova, Silvia Teneva and Georgi Tenev. Founded in 2013, the company works towards socially engaged performances. Its focus is sustainable development, environmental protection and technological innovation. Along with Bulgaria, the troupe’s festival appearances include Belgium, Sweden, Turkey and Romania. The company created the world’s first puppet show with virtual reality “Treasure Island v1.0”, and in 2019 it was selected for the Prague Quadrinale – the largest forum for achievements in scenography. In 2022, he won the prize for performing arts with a cause at the “ArtAction” awards.


29.09 (Friday)

18:00 EVENING KALEIDOSCOPE – cocktail and opening in the Central Lobby

18:45 OFFICIAL OPENING – Big stage

19:00 PUBLIC FOOD – stand-up comedy, Dimitar Ivanov-Capitana, Big Stage


21:00 OPENING OF EXHIBITIONS dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the SMALL THEATER COMPANY, all lobbies

21:30 PUB WALKING – Replica Theatre, Big Stage

23:00 THEATER WALK – a walk through the woods of the theater, the whole theater (start:..)

30.09 (Saturday)

00:00 – LIST OF ALL THE GREAT THINGS – Replica Theatre, Big Stage

1:30 p.m. – Theater Beer Quiz, Toastmasters Contest (toasts), Dance Contest – Red Lobby

2:30 p.m. – Freak, Tigran Torosyan, Stage Underground

4:00 a.m. – Midnight Kaleidoscope

Millions of balloons, 18+, Male-male Theater, Red lobby

Midnight ballad, Male-male Theater, Red lobby

Music-theater Jam, Stage for everyone, Red lobby

The Phantom of the Theatre, Promenade, Little Theater Company, the entire theater

7:00 – Theater Cafe, meeting the artists and their stories, Central lobby

8:30 Theatrical warm-up, acting exercises for awakening and tone, Big Stage

9:00 Digital Ink, VAR Lab, Central Lobby

9:30 OUR HOME THE FOREST and OUR HOME THE OCEAN – theater mats, one-person performance box, Central Lobby

10:15 THEATER OF THE BOX, Small Theater Company, in the garden with the bear

10:30 THEATER PLAYGROUND, games for children and parents, in front of the theater

11:00 FROM THE TOWER, Little Theater Company, in the garden with the bear

12:00 Theater Walk, Small Theater Company, the entire theater

12:30 SANDACHE THEATER, Small Theater Company, in the garden with the bear

13:00 THE KING’S NEW CLOTHES, Art Land Theater, Big Stage

14:00 Atelier Superheroes, Small Theater Company, in the garden with the bear

15:30 ALL HEAVEN and LIFE – theater miniatures – theater in a box, Art Land Theatre, Central Foyer


16:15 THEATER OF THE BOX, Small Theater Company, in the garden with the bear

16:30 MILLION BALLOONS, Male-male Theater, in front of the theater

17:30 WHAT GRANDFATHER DID IS STILL GOOD, Small Theater Company, Big Stage

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