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“Glitch Specialist” closes the season at the theater

“Glitch Specialist” closes the season at the theater

On 28 andJune 30 In 2023, Gabrovo will host the last season’s premiere of the “Racho Stoyanov” Drama Theater. The play “Glitch Specialist” is a comedy directed by Nikolay Gunderov and based on a play by the French comedian Francis Weber.

What happens when a professional killer and an amateur suicide bomber meet? Their destinies are staked on the same card, on which every situation is a prerequisite for a blunder. And every failure leads to another and an even bigger one.

The performance is a series of comic incidents in which the humor and the acting skillfully lead the viewer to spiritual delight and real excitement. Although through the perspective of the funny, the themes of “Glitch Specialist” touch on the eternal human issues – the need for warmth and understanding, friendship and love.

The actors of the Gabrovo Theater take part in the production: Gordan Koev, Dimo ​​Sava Dimov, Svetoslav Slavchev, Adriana Dimova, Nadezhda Petkova, Petar Rangelov. And the scenography and costumes are the work of Gergana Lazarova-Runkle.

The next last date of the season on which the play will be performed is July 13th.

For decades, films and performances based on Weber’s texts have been making people laugh all over the world. Some of the French-language films he worked on as a director or screenwriter were also made into super successful Hollywood versions. His play “Dinner for Fools” is among the most staged of his comedies. The performance of the Satirical Theater has been performed for more than 20 years. Its director is the famous Jiri Menzel, a representative of the so-called generation. “Czech New Wave”.

And the director of “Glitch Specialist” is Nikolay Gunderov – a student of Menzel. Gunderov graduated in directing and drama at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He is the winner of international and national awards for literature and theater, among them “Southern Spring”, Distinction of the International Academy of Arts in Paris, Award of the Polish Actors’ Associations in Warsaw, Award for Directing of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Audience Award at the Grand Festival of Comedy in the Czech Republic, the “Dionysius” Prize, the Drama Award at the International Festival “New Bulgarian Drama” (2014), “ASKEER” for contemporary Bulgarian drama and the “Aleko Konstantinov” prize 2023. He is a co-founder of the Natural Theater “Trifonov & Gunderov”.

“Glitch Specialist”

after Francis Weber

Translation – Snezhina Rusinova-Zdravkova

Director – Nikolay Gunderov

Artist – Gergana Lazarova-Runkle

Actors and contractors:

PIGNON – Gordan Koev

RALPH – Dimo ​​Sava Dimov

WOLF – Svetoslav Slavchev

LOUISE – Adriana Dimova

THE POLICEMAN – Nadezhda Petkova

THE PICCOLO – Petar Rangelov

ASSISTANT – Valeri Radev

Tickets at the theater box office and online:

Reservations: 0896 745 100

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